Dec 26 2011

Infrared Skies

Somehow a mundane sky can be lifted to a higher place just be shooting it in infrared.

May 24 2011

Infrared with the Sony DSC-V3

Everything that can turn green around here seems to have.  And chlorophyll reflects infrared light very well resulting in a bright white pseudo snow when recorded with my camera in night shot mode.  I exaggerated the grain in Lightroom but see that it didn’t translate that well when down sampled to web size.

May 20 2011

Infrared reflection compared

Some of the most effective infrared images I’ve seen have been of reflections on water.  I hadn’t really thought too much about it but it became clear to me when I took these pictures.   The top one is an infrared shot while the bottom one is a regular capture converted to black and white.  You can see that for the infrared image the water behaves like a mirror with little from below the surface showing.  I will use this enlightenment to try to capture some better images if the opportunity presents itself.

Apr 30 2011

Blossoms in Infrared

OK that’s it for blossoms not only because they are mostly gone at this point but isn’t that enough?  That’s a rhetorical trick question, if you like blossoms it’s never enough and if you don’t then seeing them in infrared isn’t going to calm you and make you at peace with nature.

Mar 2 2011

Sony DSC-V3 infrared

Some more images created with the Sony DSC-V3 and an infrared filter.  The available light was very low so really I should have removed the neutral density filter that I use with this combination but I didn’t and so the image sharpness suffered for it as I ended up with shutter speeds in the 1/4 second range while handholding the camera.  There is no excuse for laziness, at least that’s how I think the saying goes but you can always claim that that was the look you wanted.