Aug 7 2013

After Dark at the Reach

I created this fun little 12″ x 12″  sketch in oil for the Reach Gallery’s After Dark and 5th anniversary celebration. The painting will be in the silent auction.  And yes that’s intended to be raspberry jam, it is Abbotsford after all.


May 29 2012

Light (Oil sketch)

A fun exercise where I painted from a cell phone picture on a 5″x5″ canvas.  I started with a quick charcoal sketch and then painted directly over that.  I say “fun” because I can do it rapidly and there is no expectation that it should be good or meaningful a lot like the photo it’s derived from.  I may do more of these and it would be nice to even make a commitment to paint one a week.  On second thought I’m not even adhering to my Polaroid a week so maybe I will just keep the idea playful.

May 29 2011

Painting Framed @AbbyArtGallery.

I received my painting that will be part of the Fraser Valley Biennale at the Reach Gallery back from Abbotsford Art Gallery where they did an excellent job of framing.  I really like the subtle highlights from the metal edges and the matt look of the black. Great work and thank you.

May 21 2011

Daffodil Time painting

I’ve been working on this painting all this week and aside from several minor corrections, that will really just be a stroke here and there, it’s done.  It’s my daughter Charlotte’s birthday so I asked here to name it and she called it “Daffodil Time”.  I’m hoping to submit it to “Hooves, Ploughs and Planted Fields.” a juried show that will be held at the Langley Centennial Museum.  I don’t usually do that or work under such a tight deadline but I’m pleased with the result.

Apr 22 2011

Sumas Mountain (painting,Earthday)

I’ve been thinking about this image for a while but was spurred on because I wanted to submit it for an exhibition.  So I put paint to canvas last month and finished it today, Earth day.  This is my interpretation of the view of a quarry on a local mountain (Sumas Mountain).  The location is on the back side away from the view of most of the population of Abbotsford.  It didn’t just happen over night and that’s perhaps why it goes largely unnoticed, growing slow enough to seem as if it was always there.  This area has seen mining before in the form of brick clay mining starting over 100 years ago, but most evidence of that is now gone. 

Mar 20 2011

Ode to spring

I did this little oil sketch this weekend as an ode to spring.  The crocus flowers are now blooming and more variaties will soon follow.

Mar 4 2011

Painting from a found photograph

I have no idea who this is, or more acurately who this painting of a photographic representation of a person depicts.  Yah I just typed that.  I find it interesting how some of us cling to memories and others just let them go.  This is actually the first of these paintings that I have finished from photo’s I have found I’m sure that things will evolve as I continue.

Jan 23 2011

Painting progression

I really enjoy seeing how other people paint and the different states that a painting has.  I sometimes take pictures while I’m painting and thought I would share this one.  As you can see I did do some thin under painting in order to get the elements in place.  I followed this with heavier direct painting and then finally some more details like the scratches on the clear plastic.  Also you can see that I completely re-located the word MONTH.

Dec 18 2010

Highland Valley Copper (I)

This is a view of the tailings pond of the Highland Valley copper mine, euphemistically refered to as the valley impoundment.  As you may notice I’ve titled this as number one, I intend to paint others including hopefully this site in the future.

Detail from Highland Valley Copper Mine (I)

Oct 23 2010

Buying supplies

I have to admit I like buying art supplies.  I like it even more when they are on sale.  I added a few new pigments to my palette and bolstered several others that I was running low on.  If this isn’t reason enough to do some more painting then maybe I need some new brushes.