Jun 29 2014

Niagara Digital Image Gallery 3

The third and final gallery of digital images from my trip to Niagara Falls Ontario.  There are more images but I think that the ones I have selected in addition to my film images already cover the area as I see it well enough.

The other posts are here Niagara Gallery 2 Niagara Gallery 1  and My musings on the area as it is today Two Niagara Falls

Jun 27 2014

Fujica 35SE 2014

Fujica35SE-6440 Fujica35SE-6445 Fujica35SE-6457 Fujica35SE-6466 Fujica35SE-6469

The Fujica 35SE is as beautiful as the pictures it can take.   I say ‘can take’ just in case you don’t like my pictures although why I can’t imagine.  Doesn’t everyone want pictures of random stuff that catches my eye?

I have had this camera for about 5 years now and it hasn’t disappointed me in any way. I would use it even more often if I didn’t have so many other cameras to play with and post about.   Another post about this camera with some images that I am pleased with can be seen here Fujica 35SE Rangefinder Respect.  I strongly recommend this camera though it isn’t all that common.  When you can find one it does sell pretty inexpensively compared to ‘it can take’ results.


Jun 24 2014

Interactions #7


Jun 22 2014

Pentax Efina T


The name ‘Efina T’ sort of sounds like infinity, an oxymoron because this camera uses APS film which rhymes with almost nothing which is also about how available it is.   My biggest lament amout the loss of APS film is losing the 16×9 aspect ratio which I like.  I’ve said it before about this camera and I will say it agian at a time when almost every other camera like this was made of plastic the Efina T was like a solid chunk of steel.


Previous post about this camera ‘Rhymes with Density’

Jun 20 2014

Niagara Digital Image Gallery 2

The second of three galleries of images from my trip to Niagara Falls Ontario  Gallery One   Two Niagara Falls

Jun 16 2014

Interactions #6


Jun 14 2014

More Medium Format Madness Rolleiflex style


This is a fantastic camera which is a real pleasure to use.  I’m not sure any other similar camera from the time can rival it for image quality.


Some more Rolleiflex post can be seen here Rolleiflex 2.8 E3 and here Pentax K-3 vs Medium Format Film and Rolleiflex Gallery

Jun 11 2014

Niagara Digital Image Gallery 1

Aside from my film and other posts on Niagara Falls I have many other digital images that I would like to share that further illustrate my post Two Niagara Falls.  I am breaking this up into 3 seperate posts of 24 images each this one being the first.  There may be some cross over with my film photography as I often take one of each.

Jun 8 2014

Interactions #5


As I reach #5 in my Interaction series I thought it would be a good time to re-cap what I am doing.  The basis of the series of digital paintings done on my iPad is situations of human interaction.  The source of these comes from Google Street view or similar.  Many of these fleeting moments are captured without the subjects being aware making the interaction feel all the more genuine and spontaneous.  Additionally using remote imaging allows me the opertunity to see places and events that I could not otherwise.  The down side is I can only superficially visit the world within the confines of the streets and only those moments at which random chance has placed the subjects and the camera together.

Jun 8 2014

One place two photographers

One of the great things about photography is the near limitless subject matter.  Even when presented with those same subjects or locations two photographers are likely to come away with something very different.  There is a new mall in our area and Duncan of DLT photographic  and I went to have a photographic look.  The place has many different materials and surfaces and being new also has a very modern hard-edged look.  Duncan recently posted his images in a blog post High Street (day version) and now I am posting these as a counter point.

Even though this is only  a selection from my images there really are not any images that are that similar.  So despite photographing the same place we were seeing it differently.