Infrared with the Sony DSC-V3

Everything that can turn green around here seems to have.  And chlorophyll reflects infrared light very well resulting in a bright white pseudo snow when recorded with my camera in night shot mode.  I exaggerated the grain in Lightroom but see that it didn’t translate that well when down sampled to web size.

2 Responses to “Infrared with the Sony DSC-V3”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    I’m always fascinated with IR photography even if I can’t personally get it right. It is a photographer’s job to get people to see the world in new ways, so this is fulfillment of that duty. Still, although I like the composition of these images, I don’t really think they will translate to good prints. I’d love to be proved wrong though.

  • dave Says:

    i like the compositions, and the slight graininess of these photos.

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