Infrared reflection compared

Some of the most effective infrared images I’ve seen have been of reflections on water.  I hadn’t really thought too much about it but it became clear to me when I took these pictures.   The top one is an infrared shot while the bottom one is a regular capture converted to black and white.  You can see that for the infrared image the water behaves like a mirror with little from below the surface showing.  I will use this enlightenment to try to capture some better images if the opportunity presents itself.

2 Responses to “Infrared reflection compared”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    That is a very interesting pair of photographs. I prefer the IR, not only for the starkness that the very reflective water brings, but because the background foliage is visible. The strong darkness is in the middle (the water reflection) work visually for me in a way the gradual gradation dark to light (top to bottom) in the regular film does not.

    Pity the IR film didn’t pick up the “Shallow End” sign 🙂

  • dave Says:

    i always like the way trees and shrubs show up in infrared, almost with an aura of light; were these two basically the same exposure, etc? one taken right after the other? cool.

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