Apr 30 2011

Blossoms in Infrared

OK that’s it for blossoms not only because they are mostly gone at this point but isn’t that enough?  That’s a rhetorical trick question, if you like blossoms it’s never enough and if you don’t then seeing them in infrared isn’t going to calm you and make you at peace with nature.

Apr 29 2011


It certainly is thank you for pointing that out.

Apr 27 2011

It’s a jungle out there!


Sometimes you see something and just know it belongs with something else.

Apr 26 2011

Kodak Retina IIIc

I was very fortunate to receive this camera.  It came about in an unexpected way.  I have my film developed at Lens & Shutter in Abbotsford and go there on an almost weekly basis.  That in itself is enough to make you stand out I suppose but they also know that I love old cameras and am always carrying a different one.  Well someone brought this camera in and gave it to them.  And in turn they gave it to me,  I am very grateful and can’t wait to run some film through it.  Before doing this I usually give cameras a good once over and this has turned up several issues.  The worst of them is that the standard 50mm lens has been dropped and has damage around the outside edge.  When I test it out I plan to see if there is a point at which this damage has no effect, I’ll do this by stopping down the aperture effectively allowing only light that strikes the center of the lens to pass through.  The other issue with the camera is that the mechanism for the frame counter sometimes jams preventing advancing the film or setting the shutter.  The work around I found for this is to use the frame reset button as you would when the counter gets down to 1.  Who needs to know how many frames are left anyway,  I’m feeling lucky, punk.

Apr 25 2011

#Polaroid a week (4)

I’m not sure why but a picture of an older dryer at a laundromat just seemed to be the right fit with my Polaroid a week project.  Maybe it’s because at the height of Polaroid is also about the time in my life where I used a laundromat, traveling and working away from home.  The two must just converge in my memories.  Again I was also reminded about why Photography is such a great social medium,  the owner of the facility was very nice and accommodating as well as the other people there.  In case your wondering it’s Old Country Laundry in Aldergrove and the decor was every bit as interesting with old photo’s and collectibles.  Certainly more to look at than clothes spinning in a dryer although I think that has an appeal too. 

Apr 24 2011

Gritty, grainy, goodness.

Take an underexposed negative, scan and boost almost everything that has a slider in Lightroom.  Ta-da I meant to do that. 

Here is a closeup of  that gives a better sense of the grain from the film.  Lightrooms grain slider is not able to reproduce the organic nature of grain yet it really just adds some noise that can be somewhat controlled.

Apr 22 2011

Sumas Mountain (painting,Earthday)

I’ve been thinking about this image for a while but was spurred on because I wanted to submit it for an exhibition.  So I put paint to canvas last month and finished it today, Earth day.  This is my interpretation of the view of a quarry on a local mountain (Sumas Mountain).  The location is on the back side away from the view of most of the population of Abbotsford.  It didn’t just happen over night and that’s perhaps why it goes largely unnoticed, growing slow enough to seem as if it was always there.  This area has seen mining before in the form of brick clay mining starting over 100 years ago, but most evidence of that is now gone. 

Apr 21 2011

Blossoms 2011 (2)

Some more blossom pictures from the Fraser Valley.

Apr 19 2011

Blossoms 2011 (1)

All too soon the blossoms will be off the trees and that nice background fragrance that fills the air will be swept away in the breeze with them.  I considered not posting these pictures until the fall when the freshness of spring would be in short supply, but maybe the feeling they evoke is as ephemeral as they are.  So with that thought here are some of my favorite blossom pictures I took this year. 

Apr 18 2011

#Polaroid a week (3)

Wow I didn’t realize weeks went by so fast.  Well here is my week three image.

You may notice that is is the same scene that I took with my Pentax ME in a previous post.  I like to compare the look I get with different cameras,lenses and films.