Jan 19 2020

Olympus Stylus Epic DLX

I should know better than to use certain out of date films in automatic cameras. In this case it was Fuji Super HQ 200 and to top it off I shot most of it in a dark rainy forest. If you are going to shoot this film you need to give it a lot of light and overexpose it by 2 or more stops which is something you can not do easily with the Olympus Epic DLX. To do it at all you would need to use spot focus and point it at a darker area do a shutter half press and then recompose. It’s far easier to make sure you put film like this into a camera where you can de-rate its ISO to 50 or something similar. As for setting an Olympus Stylus Epic to spot here is what you do. Press the self timer and flash mode buttons at the same time you will get a little rectangle with a dot in the center on the LCD screen this represents being in spot mode. Now just do the half press and recompose. With some decent film these are great little camera’s.