Blossoms in Infrared

OK that’s it for blossoms not only because they are mostly gone at this point but isn’t that enough?  That’s a rhetorical trick question, if you like blossoms it’s never enough and if you don’t then seeing them in infrared isn’t going to calm you and make you at peace with nature.

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  • dave Says:

    i have no idea, how do you photograph something in infrared? can you do that with digital? also, some of the few infrared photos i’ve seen always look very sharp, as do these, nice photos.

  • Wallace Says:

    Technically it’s near infrared and I do it by using a setting on my Sony DSC-V3 called night shot. What this does is swing a filter out of the path of the sensor. The filter is ordinarilly in place to prevent light that isn’t visable (IR) from interefering with the image. The final peice of the puzzle is to use another filter to block the visable light so that only the IR now gets through. I use a Rodenstock 715 filter for this which as it’s name implies blocks light bellow 715nM (nanometers wavelength). For cameras without the night shot mode they have to have the IR filter permanently removed which renders them only useful for IR.

  • dave Says:

    thanks for the explanation, that sony is quite a camera really, isn’t it.

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