Apr 11 2009

Nishika N8000 3D pictures (Updated)

I made the animations smaller for slower Internet connections.

The Nishika N8000 was  designed for making lenticular prints.  The type of print where the image appears different depending on your viewing angle.  In order to do this is has 4 30mm lenses spaced across the front that all have  shutters that trip at the same time.  The outer two lenses are spaced apart about the distance of human eyes and give a stereoscopic view.  However what you can do is scan the 35mm negatives in and build the resulting files into an animated GIF.




Apr 4 2009

Photographic Previsualization

We often have an idea when photographing of what an image should look like.  And If we understand our equipment and photography technique we can create an image that approaches our expectations.  I often leave to go take pictures with an idea of what I want an image of,  say a barn or of people interacting.  A further step is to actually visualize the image that you intend to create.  This would be a relatively normal exercise in a studio with a model, or when painting, but can you mold the physical view of nature to your imagined viewpoint.  For obvious reasons I can not show you what the actual image I see in my mind is but that is what a sketch is for even if it is crudely done.  So this is what I hope to create and when I have I will post it here, perhaps even if I fail.  So what is unique about this image you may ask?  At the bottom you can see that part of the image will be under water, and there will be a transition between the water and air.  Water Fall Sketch