May 26 2009

Infrared with the Sony DSC-V3

I’ve added a neutral density  and a 715 nm filter to the front of my sony DSC-V3 so that I can use it as an infrared camera in daylight.  The camera is otherwise unmodified and I shoot in “Nightshot” mode.

May 21 2009


Just some fern photographs taken locally.  It was a nice walk but at the last minute I decided to leave my DA* 35 macro ltd. at home and use an old Takumar-A 28-80 zoom.  This lens also has a macro setting but isn’t in the same league as the  prime lens.

May 16 2009

Photo previsualization II

Well I found an image of a waterfall that would work for the idea I have (one third of the image under water) however I don’t remember exactly where I took the picture 🙂  I have a vague idea that it is in the Chehalis river area and that I used my Rollieflex.  So I believe a hike will be in order soon.


May 16 2009

Fujica 35 SE rangefinder

At the recent Vancouver camera show I aquired a Fujica 35 SE rangefinder.  I had an opportunity yesterday to shoot a roll of film through it and am very impressed by the sharpness of the images.  It has a f=4.5cm 1:2.8 Lens.  The coupled exposure meter doesn’t appear to be accurate but because it is fully manual I just used my best available exposure meter (guessametering).

Fujica SE 35 rangefinder

Fujica SE 35 rangefinder