Feb 25 2010

Dance pictures


Not too long ago I posted about being productive, now I have followed that up with a lull in output.  I have been occupied with several thing including taking photo’s of dancers.  Rather than continuing to make excuses here is an example.

Feb 14 2010

K-7 using digital filter presets

In an earlier post I described how to store images as filter presets.  (K-7 filter Presets).

Now here are some filter presets in action.  While any processing done this way can be duplicated through multiple iterations of the digital filters, it is much easier to use the presets for consistency and where there are many steps involved.

Feb 10 2010

Barn Door, split toning

Just a quick snap shot with my Sony DSC-V3 processed in Lightroom to create a split toned effect.  It allows me to have my visual cake and eat it too.  What I mean is that it indulges my desire to have some colour, yet is more like a BW print with heightened contrast.  And it’s easy to bake too.


Feb 7 2010

Canon Ql17

The Ql17 has a measure of cult status in the fixed lens rangefinder record.  It’s f1.7 40mm lens is fast and the ability to set both shutter and aperture manually make it a very versatile camera.  The shutter is extremely quite and it doesn’t have a pesky LCD screen on the back.  I shot these pictures during a walk around the older part of downtown Abbotsford.  I used Kodak 200 film and scanned them in after having them developed.  The BW images are converted in lightroom where I now do most of my image processing.CanonQL17-01052

Feb 6 2010

Contact Sheet.

One aspect of photography is nostalgia for the past.  We capture a moment so that it is preserved for the future and we manipulate the present to re-capture the past.  A contact sheet is an instance of what was once important but no longer has the same relevance.  I can quickly sort through thousands of digital photo’s nearly at a glance.  In a moment of sentimentality I created a pseudo contact sheet with my scanner.  While no longer a viable tool when compared to image database software it is useful when paired with it’s negative.