Jun 25 2017

Canon Z90W


This is one of the cameras that I wanted to take on a trip because of its wide angle and ability to force the flash off. I have never had any issues with it and have always been pleased with the results but I wanted to test it anyway. So in goes the Fuji 200 and out come these images.

Other posts about this camera here: Canon Z90W Oct. 2015 , Canon Z90W May 2013

The lens is made using 7 elements two of which are aspherical, the overall result is reasonably sharp images with little vingetting and well controlled aberrations.

Here is a crop from the image of a wildflower that gives an idea of the amount of detail that is captured with this camera and 35mm film combination which I’ve stated before can be in the neighborhood of a 14mpixel equivalency as far as the amount of useful information captured although the images will have that film look.


Jun 8 2017

Pentax 140V


Pentax may have been the most prolific manufacturer of mediocre point and shoots.  To clarify all but a few premium point and shoots fit into that category so they had competition from almost every camera maker but for shear quantity of middling quality Pentax takes the cake.  I don’t know what the actually sales figures were but based on the percentage of Pentax cameras found in thrift stores one can surmise.  So in no way does this camera rise to the top of the pile, it provides a 38-140mm zoom of f 5.8 – 11.8  and pretty standard features.  The only nice things about this camera are the sliding lens cover and the blue backlit top LCD display.  These touches set it apart from the more common pile dwellers the Espio 140 and Espio 140M.