Aug 7 2013

After Dark at the Reach

I created this fun little 12″ x 12″  sketch in oil for the Reach Gallery’s After Dark and 5th anniversary celebration. The painting will be in the silent auction.  And yes that’s intended to be raspberry jam, it is Abbotsford after all.


May 29 2012

Light (Oil sketch)

A fun exercise where I painted from a cell phone picture on a 5″x5″ canvas.  I started with a quick charcoal sketch and then painted directly over that.  I say “fun” because I can do it rapidly and there is no expectation that it should be good or meaningful a lot like the photo it’s derived from.  I may do more of these and it would be nice to even make a commitment to paint one a week.  On second thought I’m not even adhering to my Polaroid a week so maybe I will just keep the idea playful.

Mar 6 2011

Pastel Sketch

A quick sketch I did, I took pictures every minute or so and then put them together as a video.  Just a fun exercise as I haven’t used pastels for some time.

Oct 2 2010

Door with Shadows

I walked past this door as the long shadows of morning stretched across it.  I took a quick shot with my cell phone camera for reference with the thought of doing a sketch and possibly a print later.  So here is the sketch done in charcoal on toned paper.

Aug 30 2010

Tailings pond

There is an enormous tailing pond at the Highland Valley Copper  mine  and I want to try to create an image that gives a sense of the scale.  At this point I’m just exploring the relationship of the elements: the sky, mountains, water and the tailings.  I did a small watercolour sketch to start but I think I will need to work some more and decide if it would work better as a print or a painting.  The sketch itself doesn’t really convey the scale or clearly define the tailings but that is the point of working through these issues before embarking on a larger piece.

May 26 2010

Crow sketch

I created this sketch with the idea of making a print, but as with many things in the end it will go no further.  This isn’t a bad thing it’s just part of the process.  What would be wrong would be to continue, knowing that I wouldn’t be pleased with the result.