Aug 30 2010

Tailings pond

There is an enormous tailing pond at the Highland Valley Copper  mine  and I want to try to create an image that gives a sense of the scale.  At this point I’m just exploring the relationship of the elements: the sky, mountains, water and the tailings.  I did a small watercolour sketch to start but I think I will need to work some more and decide if it would work better as a print or a painting.  The sketch itself doesn’t really convey the scale or clearly define the tailings but that is the point of working through these issues before embarking on a larger piece.

Aug 29 2010


When I recently saw stacks of logs waiting to be processed I knew that I wanted to create an image that linked the raw materials together.  These two images are merely an intermediate state for these trees and it is for the viewer to envisage a time before and after for them.  Either as trees or the end products that surround us.

Aug 25 2010

Just Playing (Pentax K-7 miniature)

I have just returned from a trip which required driving through half of British Columbia.  There are nearly endless opportunities to photograph on a trip like this so  I brought several cameras with me.  I took some photographs with the intent of applying the miniature filter of the Pentax K-7 and while stopped at a restaurant and waiting for my meal this is the results I came up with.

Aug 7 2010

Log yard

Like many people I love repeating patterns and am awed by things where scale is outside the norm.  I noticed this log sorting yard while driving past on the highway but it wasn’t until I drove around on some back roads that the scale of it became clear.

It was raining quite heavily and I had limited time but I hope the images convey some of the scale.

Aug 3 2010

Living Room

Living Room Zoom

Here is another attempt at dealing with images that require a scale greater than what a web browser generally affords.  By clicking on the thumbnail you can navagate into the image and pan and zoom.