Apr 26 2011

Kodak Retina IIIc

I was very fortunate to receive this camera.  It came about in an unexpected way.  I have my film developed at Lens & Shutter in Abbotsford and go there on an almost weekly basis.  That in itself is enough to make you stand out I suppose but they also know that I love old cameras and am always carrying a different one.  Well someone brought this camera in and gave it to them.  And in turn they gave it to me,  I am very grateful and can’t wait to run some film through it.  Before doing this I usually give cameras a good once over and this has turned up several issues.  The worst of them is that the standard 50mm lens has been dropped and has damage around the outside edge.  When I test it out I plan to see if there is a point at which this damage has no effect, I’ll do this by stopping down the aperture effectively allowing only light that strikes the center of the lens to pass through.  The other issue with the camera is that the mechanism for the frame counter sometimes jams preventing advancing the film or setting the shutter.  The work around I found for this is to use the frame reset button as you would when the counter gets down to 1.  Who needs to know how many frames are left anyway,  I’m feeling lucky, punk.