Dec 18 2010

Highland Valley Copper (I)

This is a view of the tailings pond of the Highland Valley copper mine, euphemistically refered to as the valley impoundment.  As you may notice I’ve titled this as number one, I intend to paint others including hopefully this site in the future.

Detail from Highland Valley Copper Mine (I)

Aug 30 2010

Tailings pond

There is an enormous tailing pond at the Highland Valley Copper  mine  and I want to try to create an image that gives a sense of the scale.  At this point I’m just exploring the relationship of the elements: the sky, mountains, water and the tailings.  I did a small watercolour sketch to start but I think I will need to work some more and decide if it would work better as a print or a painting.  The sketch itself doesn’t really convey the scale or clearly define the tailings but that is the point of working through these issues before embarking on a larger piece.