May 16 2011

New Westminster Time

This pair of images represents the passage of 8 months.  I composed the second one from memory so it is off a bit but it still serves it’s purpose.  You can see that all evidence of the foundation is gone and even the house and garage from the first image have been removed.

Mar 28 2011

8 Months Later

Eight months is not very long but it is enough time for us to modify the land and start building.  I’m not against building places for people to live but I still feel a sense of loss for this little oasis of grass land that was home to owls and coyottes and many things in between.  I don’t know of any other place nearby where wild flowers bloomed like this.

May 15 2010

Playing with time

It’s difficult to convey a sense of time photographically, the very nature of a photograph is the capturing of an instant.  You can use techniques such as using a slow shutter speed to allow moving objects to blur evoking a sense of motion and time or multiple exposures.  But the best way is through a series.  This example is two images that were taken more than two years apart.  I’ve also purposely placed the most recent image on the left to distort  time as most viewers will read this image left to right.  Great care was taken to frame the scene the same, this was aided by using live view on my Pentax K-7 DSLR.  It allows you to see in real time the framing  on the rear LCD of the camera.  I also used a photograph of the original scene for comparison.