Mar 28 2011

8 Months Later

Eight months is not very long but it is enough time for us to modify the land and start building.  I’m not against building places for people to live but I still feel a sense of loss for this little oasis of grass land that was home to owls and coyottes and many things in between.  I don’t know of any other place nearby where wild flowers bloomed like this.

Feb 16 2011

Fraser River 1962 VS 2010

When I took this image this previous summer I had no idea that my Uncle had taken such a similar picture from so close a vantage point some 48 years earlier.  I have been scanning his slides for him and for the rest of my family and was taken aback by how little this scene had changed.  This is particularly true when I compare it to my own images where the world around me changes at such an incredible rate. These pictures also reminded me how photography can be a form of collecting where we try to recreate what we have seen before and want for our own,  sometimes I think it’s better not to dwell too much on other peoples images to avoid the pitfall of mimicry.