Feb 22 2011

Voigtlander Baby Bessa Sample images

Previously I described the Baby Bessa and it’s workings.  Now for some examples.  I’ve included the film edge around the image so you can get a full sense of the  aspect ratio.  The film used was Kodak Ektar 100.  I used what could be arguably the best light meter in the world a DSLR, It’s accurate and gives immediate feedback including a histogram.

Here is a comparison crop between a 14Mpixel DSLR image and the Voigtlander unfortunately there is some motion blur in the Bessa image but as this is a typical result I have included it anyway.

Pentax K-7 32mm

Feb 14 2011

Seattle via Camera Phone

I didn’t take many images with my Nokia N95 when I visited Seattle but the ones I did pretty much sum up my trip;  train,walk,bus,train.

Feb 11 2011

Seattle, Gas Works Park

I took a day trip to Seattle yesterday, with my Pentax K-7 and some lenses.  One of the places I visited while walking from Fremont to the University of Washington was Gas Works Park.  It’s an interesting thing they have done here.  You would expect a city to want to remove any evidence of a locations industrial past when converting it into a park but Seattle did the opposite. They preserved much of the structure from what was a coal gasification plant.  More info about it’s interesting history can be found here.

Gas Works Park Wikipedia