Jun 6 2012

Baby Bessa

Just some images from my Voigtlander Bessa 46 the“Baby Bessa”.  Using these old cameras does make you think about what you are doing.  There is no point and shoot nature about it. 

As an aside I just had a look on Camera-pedia and saw that the image that is being used for the Bessa 46 is my actual camera.  Someone lifted the image from my website and used it, I know this for certain as the metadata of the picture still has the copyright info my Pentax K-7 embeds in each image, besides the fact that well I just knew I had taken it.  I wish I could remember peoples names as well as I can remember images I shot.  

 To keep the circle going here is the image on Camerapedia, I’m linking to it to amuse myself instead of using my own image, well it is mine anyway and the person who used it has since passed away which is a shame because he obviously loved cameras as much as I do.



Jun 21 2011

Voigtlander Baby Bessa June 2011

A couple images from the last week with my Baby Bessa.

Feb 22 2011

Voigtlander Baby Bessa Sample images

Previously I described the Baby Bessa and it’s workings.  Now for some examples.  I’ve included the film edge around the image so you can get a full sense of the  aspect ratio.  The film used was Kodak Ektar 100.  I used what could be arguably the best light meter in the world a DSLR, It’s accurate and gives immediate feedback including a histogram.

Here is a comparison crop between a 14Mpixel DSLR image and the Voigtlander unfortunately there is some motion blur in the Bessa image but as this is a typical result I have included it anyway.

Pentax K-7 32mm