Sep 7 2010

Concrete plant with Canon QL17

I recently had my Canon QL17 with me when  returning from a social function and I had two exposures left on the roll.  The other one is of  me driving so we will just leave that one where it is.  The other one is this one.  I waved at the security guards as I drove past, I think the shirt and tie confused them,  turned around took this exposure and drove away.  I have post processed this image but to be fare that is really to make it match better how I perceive it.  One thing about a camera it doesn’t record  how something makes you feel.  But even someone who doesn’t see this as a cold industrial edifice can’t help but be slightly swayed by the cool tones I’ve enhanced

Feb 7 2010

Canon Ql17

The Ql17 has a measure of cult status in the fixed lens rangefinder record.  It’s f1.7 40mm lens is fast and the ability to set both shutter and aperture manually make it a very versatile camera.  The shutter is extremely quite and it doesn’t have a pesky LCD screen on the back.  I shot these pictures during a walk around the older part of downtown Abbotsford.  I used Kodak 200 film and scanned them in after having them developed.  The BW images are converted in lightroom where I now do most of my image processing.CanonQL17-01052