Pentax K-7 Digital Filter presets

With the K-7’s ability to process images using multiple iterations of it’s built in digital filters, I thought it would be a nice feature if you could create presets.  Seeing as the engineers who designed the camera didn’t include this ability I took it upon myself to find a way.  And here are the steps I came up with.  Several points are very important for this to work.  You must create the folder that the presets reside in with the camera and not a computer, you must also not alter the files with a computer.  The images may be reduced down to 0.3M to save space but this also must be done in the camera.  This information is provided as most things are on the Internet with the caveat that I am not responsible for anything that happens to your files or equipment.

To begin it is easiest to start with a freshly formatted memory card.  (here is where a caveat comes in, back up your images!)


The next thing to be done is to change the date.  While strictly not necessary this will create a unique folder for the presets.  I have chosen 01/01 for month and day which generates a folder named 100_0101.


After changing the date it will be necessary to take a picture which will actually cause the creation of the folder.


After this folder is produced you can set the date back to the correct value.

Now you can remove the card from the camera and put it in a card reader or whatever you use to transfer files between the card and your computer.  It is now that you move your previously created and stored files from the computer to the card.  In this example I am storing copies of  processed files in a folder V:\K-7_filters.  The files can be anywhere on your computer but it is best to keep them together to make it easier to transfer them to the memory card.


And this is the folder structure for the card with F:\ just being the root directory assigned to my card reader.


So you can now drag files from the PC to the memory card using thumbnails as visual reference for the filter effects.

When you take your next image with the corrected date another folder will be created separate from the presets.


At this point you are ready to go.  I will post again on using the presets with some examples.

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