Jan 20 2012

The Flock

A flock of prints.  I’ve finished printing and just need to number and sign them.

May 20 2010

Art by a thousand cuts

The Grand theatre is now closed and gone, replaced by a gym.  Right about where the “6” and “THEATERS” is is now a window so that you can look out over the parking lot as you sweat.  This is not an image about nostalgia or the loss of culturally significant landmarks, it was a theatre it’s now a gym.

The full image is 4″x6″ so you can see that each individual cut is very small and it takes thousands of them to reveal the white.  After all that is the act of relief printing, you leave behind what will print as black,  and remove what will be white.  This is a working proof , but is mostly done, and just needs more care during printing.