Mar 21 2010

Daffodils in Bradner

I’m often reminded how much fun photography can be, not because of the images but the people I meet.  Yesterday I went up to the Bradner area to try and get some daffodil shots.  This year the flowers have bloomed  early, too early.  There just isn’t the market for them yet and so they are being left in the fields.  There is only so much that can be held in cold storage.  The fields that I wanted to go to were clearly not accessible from the road so I stopped at a local house and asked who’s fields they were and how I might get to them.  And that is when my daffodil growing lessons began.  My guide Rick took my across his property and out to the neighboring fields and explained to me such things as how the bulbs were dug up every two years and sorted, how the fields were rotated and rested.  Did you know it takes seven years to create a new variety.  I spent less time than I normally would taking photo’s, more like taking snap shots as we walked, but it was well worth it.