Jan 28 2015

Braun Super Paxette August 2014 Gallery 2

This is the second part of the image gallery from my Braun Super Paxette.  The first part can be seen here August 2014 Braun Super Paxette

In the interm I’ve picked up another Super Paxette because I like this one so much.  The shutter may need a little cleaning but having a backup to this camera is worth it.

Sep 26 2013

Braun Super Paxette (part 2)


More images from my Braun Super Paxette with the Kata 45mm f2.8 lens and Kodak Ektar. These ones were selected from the roll for their theme of old buildings. Part one can be seen here Braun Super Paxette Part 1

Dec 2 2010

Super Paxette

If density were a criteria for choosing a camera this one would be a winner.  Well it still is a winner but more so because it is a great camera.  OK I admit I say that about many of the cameras I shoot with, but that’s often why I choose them.  Some of the fun quirks of this camera are that you need to operate the film advance lever twice per exposure to cock the shutter and advance the film, the back comes right off to load the film and the shutter release is a lever beside the lens.  Did I mention it is very dense.  Everything is packed into a tiny solid package, I can walk around just holding the camera in the palm of my hand.  There is no light meter and I didn’t have one with me so all these images are “exposurtimations“.  Hey it’s my blog I can coin words if I want.