May 30 2013

Ilford XP2 Disposable


I thought it would be fun to try Ilfords XP2 400 disposable camera to see just what you might get.  I have to admit I have little experience with using disposable cameras and the results showed it.  I think where I failed was assuming that there was more latitude for exposure than there was.  Most of my images were terribly underexposed which makes sense in hindsight as the camera likely has a maximum aperture of somewhere around f8 and a shutter speed around 1/125 sec this combination would likely require an EV value around 13 where I shot most of my images at light levels far below that. In fact maybe a quarter of the images were not even scannable.  The lesson is that these cameras are only useful under limited conditions.  As for the flash I could have used it more if I had known but even then it wouldn’t have saved these shots.  You can also see that the lens is quite soft in the corners, it is disposable after all.

ACHTUNG And most importantly of all if you open these cameras to recover the film (Which is just in a regular film canister) when your done make sure you give it to someone else to get shocked.  Perhaps I should explain myself.  I brought the camera to the local camera store where I have my film sent out for developing and asked for the camera back.  Together the kind store employee, whose name I will change to protect their identity lets call them ‘Sparky’, and I  started to take the camera apart carefully so as not to break it.  When it was partially apart Sparky yelped and began shaking his hand like it had been stung by a bee or in this case a 300v 80µ farad capacitor.  Just as all humans are compelled to sniff the sour milk I too picked up the camera thinking that it would now be discharged and safe.  Whack!  Flash!  Drop! Bang!   Good thing I don’t have a pacemaker.  I’ve been shocked in this way before but it’s not something you get used to, every time is like the first time, the very first time, it ‘Feels Like the First Time’ (Foreigner 1977) Where was I?   Right, you can see the warning on the back of the camera  ACHTUNG Überspannung, Kamera Nicht ö ffnen Funny how it sounds more serious in German. IlfordXP2-6505

Anyway here is a picture of the bits so that you don’t need to feed your curiosity with a shocking flash of understanding.


And finally some pictures taken with it.

Jul 29 2011

Around the barn in B&W

Not every image needs to have a deeper meaning, I do enjoy photography sometimes just for the mere fact of the doing.  These images fall into that category.