Minolta X700

The Minolta X700 was a great film camera and the first camera that I ever bought for myself. It had a long run and was made from 1981 all the way to 1999. This means that there are many of them out there still in good working order. I’ve never actually come across one with a mechanical issue , their only weakness seams to be the electronics and in particular the capacitors. There was a trade off in weight vs the use of materials and to save weight and likely expense Minolta used a lot of plastic in the X700. Despite that the X700s that I have seen have all survived without any cracks or broken bits. In addition to the abundance of bodies there are numerous lenses available. Not only do the Minolta MD series lenses work on this camera but the older MC lenses work well although not necessarily in program mode. The gallery images were shot on Fuji Superia 400 which is a nice general purpose film that doesn’t have the finest grain for its speed but is more economical than Kodak Porta 400.

X700 Program Line

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