Lomo Tim and 50/50 chances

Don’t be fooled by its cute little face this camera hates me. Somehow it managed to botch up a quarter of the roll…there is no way it could be user error.

The Holga Tim is a cute concept but with some issues. Even if your okay with the cheap plastic camera look the Tim takes it to a whole other level. Each of the two lenses has its own little eyelid that you can use to cover up one lens at a time so that you can use it to squeeze out twice as many shots from a roll but keeping track of which lens you last used and remembering to switch between them and cock the shutter before advancing the film requires the level of attention this camera doesn’t elicit. Probably half the pictures I took had some unexpected problem and for some both are completely blank.

If you do manage to take a picture though get ready for some plastic fantastic soft images. The one from the roll that does appear sharp I must have stopped down the lens all the way in the bright sunlight. That aperture is said to be f11 while the cloudy setting is f8. The shutter fires at 1/100sec and the focus is also fixed. A previous post about the TIM can be found here

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