Canon Elan 7ne

I’ve posted about this camera previously The one that knows where your looking and have been impressed with the performance and results. The 7 in the name comes from the 7 focus points it can use. The interesting aspect of that being the selection of them through the detection of where you are looking in a scene. (I wrote more about that in the link above) What the NE stands for I don’t know but it was called the 7s in Japan.

Some notable features for a film camera are:

  • Shutter speeds of 1/4000 to 30 second
  • 35 zone evaluative metering
  • incorporating a transport system that features a state-of-the-art noise-reduction design to ensure exceptionally quiet performance
  • Predictive AF (When subjects moving towards/away at a constant rate)
  • Up to 9 multiple exposures
  • The top and bottom aluminum plates have a alumite surface treatment. (tougher surface structure ?)
  • Continuous shooting of 4fps
  • It coexisted at the same time as 10-16 Mpixel cameras that cost 10-20 times as much. (Canon 1Ds Mark II, Nikon D2X)

The nicest feature though is that it uses Canon EF lenses which are abundant. If I were the owner of a Canon DSLR and I wanted a film camera to use along side of it this would be my choice.

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