Canon FX

I admit I went a little crazy with shallow depth of field when I used the Canon FX but I blame it on the camera and the Canon FL 50mm f1.4 lens. You see the lens is such a substantial lump of glass that it seemed a waste not to shoot it wide open. And the split image focus with a fresnel matte screen in the large viewfinder is so clear and precise that it makes focusing on the thinnest things effortless. So as you can see I had no choice. The FX has a meter but the Cds sensor is not in the optical path and isn’t coupled to the exposure settings of the camera anyway. So when shooting it now its probably not worth bothering with the meter, which originally took a 1.3V mercury cell anyway. The FX weighs around 900g with a lens which is a good thing because the shutter and the mirror make some dramatic thwacks that would shake a lesser camera like a leaf in the wind. Despite being over 55 years old the Canon FX is a great looking and operating camera although with mine I discovered the shutter timing is off for 1/1000 of a second rendering some images black on the right hand side.

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