Minolta Freedom Vista

There are a lot of cameras that do a lot of the same things but every so often there has been a camera that sets itself apart. The Minolta Freedom Vista is one of the latter. Its 24mm f4.5 five element lens is pretty unique in a point and shoot but its fixed panoramic format is the key thing that makes it different. With the permanent nature of the panoramic mode it made it possible for Minolta to also make the viewfinder permanently panoramic. This makes the camera great for this one specific use, composing wide aspect images. I also like that it easily slips into a pocket giving you no reason not to have one on you.

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One thing about one camera: While the Freedom Vista can read DX codes it has a severe limitation. Any film below 400 ISO is set to 100 and any film 400 and above is set to 400.

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