Konica MT11 nude


The MT11 should have been a good camera but this one failed to rewind the film at the end of the roll. This forced me to extract the film in my film loading bag.  I did recover some shots from the expired film but because of this rewind faux pas it was also the last roll I put through my already mostly depleted chemistry.  Let that be a lessen to my other cameras that don’t behave. Not only will I disassemble you for your little innards I will treat your film with the same level of care.

Its a shame because the MT-11 was the best of the three levels of cameras Konica made in this line.  The MT-7 had a 36mm F4 lens, the MT-9 had a 35mm F3.5 and the MT-11 sported a 35mm F2.8 4 element lens.  You can’t really evaluate its performance from the image gallery but it did seem to focus well and if I ever come across another one I will give the model another go after I show it this picture.





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