Canon Z90W


This camera belongs to that select group of 35mm zoom cameras that had a wide angle ability of 28mm.  It is one of the best as well, they clamshell lens cover is great and a nod should be given to Olympus for pioneering this.  The controls on the back though are all Canon and all good with a large rear dial and customizable user mode.  The ability to suppress the flash is one of the most important things for me in a point and shoot and the ability to force it always off with this camera make it all the better.  The focal range of 28-90mm (f4.5 – f9.9) is versatile and the 7 element lens with 2 aspherics is above average even when considered against less ambitious lenses.    This camera came at an interesting moment as well as Canon also released the Powershot G1 digital camera around the same time.


This and cameras like it signaled the end for film cameras and foreshadowed the rapid decline of film.

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