Sep 6 2012

Olympus Stylus Epic snap shots

I took the Stylus Epic with me this summer on a family vacation and while I wasn’t taking a lot of pictures I did take a few snap shots with it.

Sep 4 2012

Picture day

No not that awkward day at school when you wore that unfortunate shirt and had that weird haircut.  This was just a fun morning of taking pictures shared with another photographer.  Here is the link to Duncan’s blog post for the same “Picture day”  Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques

We decided to meet at a place in Abbotsford that is renowned for it’s antiques and collectibles, Granny and Grumpas.  Neither of us had been there before and despite knowing that there would be a lot to see there was more than I expected.  As we were there to take pictures and not necessarily to buy anything we made a small donation before heading into the antique abyss.  There really is more than you can take in a short period of time.  The other thing to consider photographically is that most of the interiors are very dark.  I brought three lenses with this in mind the DA 35 Macro Ltd, DFA 100 f2.8 macro WR and the FA 50 f1.4  as well as a flash the Pentax AF540 FGZ.  While using prime lenses limited my framing options the close focusing of the macro lenses worked in the sometimes tight spaces.  I ended up with at least as many images on my phone for Instagram as I took with my DSLR but here are some of the latter.

If your wondering what an image of a pond covered in algae has to do with antiques, well that’s another story best asked of  Duncan “Wet foot”  Turner.


Sep 1 2012

I’m ready for the film apocalypse

“Day 452: I haven’t seen another  living thing for days now and I’m down to 2 litres of water, but on the bright side I still have film!”

Hopefully this is enough “good” film to tide me over until social order is re-established, too bad all the digital cameras stopped working, who new.