Apr 12 2010

Daffodils in Bradner, oil painting

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Bradner flower show this year, but I did start this painting yesterday from reference photos I took previously.  While a large field of daffodils is attractive, I think that when there are different varieties being cultivated it is all the more beautiful.

Apr 10 2010

Blossoms, oil painting


As a break from what I have been primarily working on and as an excercise I painted this today.

Apr 9 2010


“I’m so young and you’re so old”-Paul Anka

No not that Diana, the made in Hong Kong plastic nearly everything camera of the early 1960’s.  I spotted this camera in an antique store.  It was absolutely the worst camera I have ever seen, so I bought it.  It really can be distilled down to this, it is a semi light tight box with a single element plastic lens that produces an assortment of distortion and yields images with less contrast than Banff in a blizzard.  So what is the appeal?  Some  people claim it allows the freedom to just create images.  I claim it allows you to blame the camera when you don’t.  Yes a distinctive look can be achieved with this camera but at what cost.  For me I believe using it was a one time deal.  I would rather use a Zeiss Ikon or a Voigtlander Bessa, if I want to shoot 120 on an old camera, I at least might have a chance of predicting the results and I’m sure I’ll still retain artistic freedom.


Apr 7 2010

Pentax DA35 ltd. again

_K7_9820_K7_9814_K7_9811_K7_9809These images where taken the same day as the last DA35 post and have been re-sized but are otherwise processed in the camera.

Apr 6 2010

Pentax DA35 ltd.


I needed to wait around for a few hours so I took my Pentax K-7 and only one lens, the DA35 ltd.  These pictures are directly from the camera but re sized.

Apr 4 2010

Size matters

As I was sorting through some resent shots,  I started to think about what made one similar shot better than another.  Both images present the viewer with a single point of interest on a blank background, in fact they are the same subject.  So what are the defining differences?  If we ignore for the moment the difference of shading of the background, I accredit the main difference to be the size of the subject relative to the ground.  The first image gives a greater sense of  scale while the second is a more direct representation, here is a lady bird beetle no more no less.


Apr 2 2010

Pentax K-7 extract color filter


Here is an example of another one of the processing tools built into the Pentax K-7.  You can select a particular color to remain while all the other hues are desaturated to shades of grey.