Jan 4 2010

Drill Hall Door

This painting has been sitting unfinished for a very long time, so today I took it off the a shelf and worked on it.  I suppose that I will do this one more time after it dries.  I realize that I won’t ever be happy about it so I might as well just finish it and be done.Drill_hall_door-0866

Jan 2 2010

Multi exposure with mask

Here’s a photographic experiment and attempt to compact more information into a single image.  What it is, is 9 separate shutter activations on a single digital capture with a mask in front of the lens that I moved for each exposure.  The mask was a narrow aperture that I moved from left to right as I panned slightly from left to right for each shutter click.multiexposure-5812 The ability to capture in this way has been a feature of both my Pentax K10D and K-7 although I’m not sure that this is what the engineers intended.