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Olympus 35SP

I took a look at my Lightroom catalogue that holds my film pictures to see how long I have had this camera and apparently its been 4 1/2 years.  It certainly doesn’t feel like it, because every time I have a chance to use this camera it feels special like its the first time.  Back [...]

Rollei CN200 in the Yashica GX

Different films often say ‘load film in subdued light’ but few of them require it to the degree that Rollei CN200 does.  Each roll that I have shot so far has had ‘unwanted’ light strike the film while it is inside the canister.  I placed unwanted in quotes because I could have been more careful [...]

Disposible film camera harvest

Disposable cameras have their place but nestled inside them can be some fun random films.  I acquired a few similar disposable cameras of dubious quality so I decided to rip one open and pull out its heart.  Mentioned previously here Thrift Store Disposable.  The first thing you need to do though is get the film [...]

Yashica MC

I always liked how the Yashica GX was a downsized version of the Yashica GT and original Electro 35 but the Yashica MC takes it a step further packing it all into a diminutive package.  The only trade offs seem to be that the lens has a maximum aperture of 2.8 rather than 1.7 and it is zone focusing [...]

Yashica GX

This is one of those film delay posts. I shot this roll of film back in April of 2015 and am writing this in August.  I have written about the Yashica GX numerous times so will refrain from repeating myself but more posts can be seen by searching my blog Yashica GX

Sixth Street Popup + Gallery

How do you open a small gallery space with smiling happy people? The answer would seem to be, make it a community event and engage people through social media, which sounds simple enough but doesn’t guarantee success. Oh, and beer. There was beer from Steel and Oak Brewing; that probably helps.  Sixth Street Popup + Gallery opened [...]

Photo walk

I volunteered to assist, as a chaperone, a group of high school photography students.  It was fun and I actually had some time to take pictures of my own when I wasn’t looking out for cars or trying to keep everyone together.  The students really were engaged and often would take great care to create [...]

Yashica Electro 35 GX with Portra 800

Lets see…good film (check) great camera (check) interesting place (check)  it all adds up to a great time taking pictures.  I helped chaperone a group of highschool photography students downtown Vancouver and true to form I had a couple different cameras with me.  One of them was the Yashica Electro GX only recently knocked from its pedestal [...]

Olympus SP35 Rangefinder

The Olympus SP35 Rangefinder has a fantastic 7 element lens of 42mm and can be used in either automatic exposure or fully manual.  additionally it has the unique ability to spot meter when you press the ‘Spot’ button.  The meter gives its readings in EV rather than shutter speed and aperture but its easy to convert that into [...]

Kodak Portra 400

I have been very impressed with Kodak Ektar and its fine grain and how well it scans but have shied away from 400 ISO films until necessity has forced my hand.  I’ve found it increasingly hard to find inexpensive 200 ISO film so have migrated to using cheap 400 film for my everyday shooting.  The results [...]

Kodak Portra 800

With all the film I shoot it may be a little surprising that this is the first time I’ve used the well-regarded Kodak Portra 800 film.  I’ve seen what others have done shooting with it and particularly like the look when it’s shot in high key situations.  I made no special effort to do anything specific [...]

Yashica Electro GX

If I were shipwrecked on a desert island and I could only have one camera it wouldn’t be the Yashica Electro 35GX.  Why? I couldn’t bring myself to break it to use the lens to start a signal fire of course.  Of all the fixed lens 35mm rangefinders this must be one of the best, I don’t [...]

Yashica GX Oct 2012

Some film shots from my Yashica GX in October 2012. Amoung the images is one of Copp’s shoes which will be closing at the end of December after 87 years.  

Fuji Velvia Cross Processed

Or should I say cross possessed? The film base and all the images took on a sickly green cast after being processed in C41 chemicals. That’s somewhat OK as despite it being positive film the processing results in a negative. When the colour is inverted it results in a strong red hue. I found that [...]

Yashica Electro 35 GT

    I’ve owned several Yashica Electro 35 models but I’ve pared them down leaving me with the Electro 35 GT and GX.  The GT stands out in the Electro line with it’s all black body.  It is a great looking camera as well as performing.  The lens of the 35 GT is a 45mm f1.7 stated to [...]