Yashica GX with Ektachrome 100

A nice pairing of a great camera and a great film. What could go wrong? Well I’m not sure but I seem to have over exposed the images a bit as well as have a few light leaks. I also did my own developing to throw another variable in there. I think that with colour negative film the over exposure wouldn’t have been an issue but slide film demands a higher level of accuracy. Just the same I like the look it has a slightly washed out appearance that looks like older slides (not Kodachrome) as well as leaning towards blue. For posts about the Yashica GX look here and about Ektachrome E100 here

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  • Dh Says:

    Look great , in spite of the light leaks and all ,
    Is that a project developing your own .

    Dodging and burning , or is that just black and white .

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