Aug 31 2011

RIP photo apps.

I would like to celebrate the birth and death of photo apps all at once.  Nothing brings a fad to a quick end like overuse.  I should disclose my hypocrisy right up front, one of the first pieces of software I downloaded to my new phone was a photo app that adds that alternative process look to an image and makes sharing it online simple.  And that’s the part I really like,the ease of sharing, but not every image needs to have an added layer of  faux  film.  I’m sure that millions of pictures are yet to be taken and processed this way but a little restraint couldn’t hurt.  Now I’m off to the app store.

Aug 28 2011


Patterns don’t need to be limited to man made mechanical precision.

Aug 26 2011

Horseshoe Bay (Black and White)

Aug 24 2011

Pentax DFA 100 Macro WR

This is a great lens for either film or digital, as might be expected for a macro lens, it is incredibly sharp and contrasty.  Here I’ve used it with the PZ1p and Ektar 100.

Aug 23 2011

Trip pictures August 2011

Just some miscellaneous images I took on my recent trip.

Aug 22 2011

Colour vs B&W processing

When I saw these bolts through this beam I though they made a nice repeating pattern and took a picture.  As I was adjusting the image in Lightroom I thought I would just have a look at it as a black and white.  Well to me what a difference, it becomes not only an image of the bolts but much more so about their shadows.  I just hadn’t envisioned this image in that way.  I think for me it’s a good lesson about exploring how you process and present your images. As an aside this is my 300th post!

Aug 20 2011

Merritt BC Log yard

Aug 19 2011

Queen of the hill

That’s really only a working title, I haven’t actually named this image yet.

As is always the case with my large images a computer screen is not the intended mode of output.  So here are some detail crops to help envision the scale.

Aug 18 2011

That film look

These two images represent some of the struggle I’m having in getting digital files to have a pseudo film look.  There is more to it than grain and shallow depth of field.  The way that colours are rendered particularly in the shadows differs.  The biggest difficulty though is that when you get it right for one image it can’t be directly applied to another.  I will keep trying and keep shooting film too, not that I would stop even if I got it perfect.

Here is film (Ektar 100)

And here is digital.  I have obviously stopped the aperture down further in addition to the different relative sensor size on the digital image giving a greater range of things that are acceptably in focus but that aside the difference is still apparent despite my efforts.

Aug 16 2011

Playing with colour

I love the palette of colours that you get from overgrown grasses and wild flowers.  You can certainly take a clear  picture of them but I wanted to just show off the colours.