Jul 28 2010

Second looks 2

This was taken with my Yashica setup to create the distortion. http://wkoopmans.ca/notebook/?p=200

The imagery I think is clear even if the image isn’t.  The steps in the cemetery look like a ladder which seems to be there to help achieve some form of ascension, even a tree has been removed to clear the  path.

Jul 27 2010

Second looks

I haven’t had the time to do much photography lately and my studio isn’t ready for me to paint in yet so I thought I would take a moment to look at some older images that haven’t been published yet.

Jul 18 2010

Valley Market

I thought it was interesting how this image came to be posted.  I took a Polaroid of this sign and because my main computer and scanner are still in boxes as I write this I took a picture of the picture with my camera phone and then uploaded it to Flickr so that it would be automatically re-sized.  I then copied the resulting image to my children’s laptop where I now sit typing on it’s tiny keyboard and uploading the image to this blog.

Jul 16 2010

Look closely

In order to see the world  in new ways, well for me at least that is a desirable thing, it’s necessary to look at little things.  This can mean going back to look closer at something as happened with this image.  It would have been very easy to ignore this but the contrast of colour caught my eye and by careful framing with my Nokia N95 I was able to produce an image I like that is both about something and about the design of the image at the same time.

Jul 14 2010

Moving, and a new studio

I have been very busy lately and the reason is that I have moved and will need to set up my new studio space.  This picture is from the brief period of time before all the disorder of delivery.   I’m really looking forward to getting it set up to my liking but there will be many pressures that will take away from my creative time.

Jul 3 2010

Cliche, or not cliche

A quick search on Flickr  using “Flowers Backlit” gives up over 9000 results.  So if it’s already been done to such a degree and this is true of almost all photographs taken today then why do we continue.  Well for me a portion of it is the act of creation, I enjoy the time that goes into creating an image as much or more than the image itself.  I will be the first to admit these are average images that don’t inspire much of a response but they are my images and they may be a step that leads towards the creation of something that is better.