Jun 26 2009

Dancer II (The next stage of painting)

I took some time to continue working on the dancer painting and I am pleased with the way it is coming allong.  I will work on the hands next and also take another look at the background.  The feet will also need work.wkoopmans-00588

Jun 25 2009

Around Drumheller Alberta

I have had these images sitting on my computer for about a year now so I thought maybe I should post them.  If some of the images look strangely familiar, well I think that given the opportunity many photographers passing through Dorothy Alberta take some very similar pictures.

Jun 19 2009

Dancer Underpainting

I have been doing alot of photography lately so it was a nice change tonight to put some paint on a canvas.  I have done a full colour underpainting for this image and if I had more time I would likely keep right on painting until it was finished.  Taking a step back though will give me a chance to look at it in a fresh light  and to see where it will need the most work and corrections, which can be done directly without much fussing.dance_underpainting

Jun 18 2009

Low Fi Photography with the Yashica 35MF and a Vivitar .55x Video wideangle adapter

A subtitle for this could be “How to create photographs with nausea inducing anastigmatic distortion”.  This camera has 4 zone focus settings Closeup, Three quarters, Group and Infinity, I’m not actually sure just how effective focusing is with this setup but with the .55x adapter on and at about f8 there isn’t much that isn’t within focus.  And really who would notice with all that distortion.  As for the focal length the lens by itself is  38mm so multiplied by .55 yields 20.9mm but that sounds a bit too precise in this case so we’ll call that 21mm ish.



Jun 14 2009

Go for a swim anyone?

Just how long does it take nature to begin taking back what we leave behind?  In this case not very long.  Last year they tore down dozens of nice homes to build more shopping and higher density housing.  This pool is a remnant of the demolition and is full of tadpoles and other growing things.

Jun 14 2009


I’m having a bit of an internal debate about what to say about these pictures….  Ok I lost, the pictures have to speak for themselves.  Two things however, both these pictures are of the same location and I didn’t have to wait long for a plane to come into frame.