Feb 21 2021

Just some more film pictures

Pictures taken on Kodak Portra 400 with my Yashica GX rangefinder in 2018

Because if I don’t post them do they really exist?

Feb 13 2021

Well that was weird

I will give you 10 seconds to come up with an answer for what that is……..3..2..1 times up. I’ve been trying to recover some of the silver from my film processing and had put Blix in a jar with some steal wool and had forgotten about it. When I did remember and have a look this was on the underside of what can only be described as a floating steel island. I guess all the different compounds that make up the Blix formed large crystals.

Within Blix are Sodium Carbonate, PENTASODIUM DTPA, ETHANOL, 2-[(4-Amino-3-Methylphenyl) Ethylamino]-, Sulfate (1:1), SODIUM SULFITE and HYDROXYLAMINE SULFATE. I will let you figure out which crystal is what.