Nov 22 2011


On a recent holiday I was struck by the number of balconies at the various hotels and the repeating patterns that they made.  While I didn’t devote much time to photography these were easy and all around.

Feb 3 2011

Gravel (Contrasting forms)

I don’t have much to say about these images other than that they are all about breaking up the uniformity of the gravel with a contrasing element.  In the first it’s the pattern impressed into the gravel itself and with the second it’s the sign.

Jan 14 2011

Concrete blocks (repetition of form)

These photo’s are an example of repetition of form.  Graphically they use the same form, yes the pun is intended, in order to create a larger field.  The harmony is further enhanced by the monotone nature of the overall image.   Personally I prefer the last two images with their small touches of wood to contrast the concrete.

Aug 29 2010


When I recently saw stacks of logs waiting to be processed I knew that I wanted to create an image that linked the raw materials together.  These two images are merely an intermediate state for these trees and it is for the viewer to envisage a time before and after for them.  Either as trees or the end products that surround us.

Aug 7 2010

Log yard

Like many people I love repeating patterns and am awed by things where scale is outside the norm.  I noticed this log sorting yard while driving past on the highway but it wasn’t until I drove around on some back roads that the scale of it became clear.

It was raining quite heavily and I had limited time but I hope the images convey some of the scale.