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Olympus Stylus Epic

The Olympus Stylus Epic has always been a great deal of a camera. It sports a fantastic 35mm f2.8 lens with 4 elements. Released in 1997 Olympus says that they produced over 3.8million of them so they are easy to find used. In 1999 they were available for $89 so you may want to keep […]

Olympus Stylus Epic DLX

After years of problem free photography with various Olympus Stylus Epics a string of photographic bad luck befell me. Specifically I had two Stylus Epics exhibit light leaks and this at a time when I wanted a good one for an upcoming trip. Luckily I had a champagne coloured Epic DLX so I quickly ran a […]

Epic Light Leak

I discovered that an Olympus Stylus Epic that I used had a light leak. That’s bad but the other problem was I have two nearly identical Epics and I don’t know which one it was. The leak appears at the bottom of each frame. The detail shown in the image above being the most obvious […]

Olympus Stylus ‘still’ Epic

I’ve taken many pictures with this camera model and written many times about it so what is it about it that draws me to it and allowed Olympus to sell so many of them (3.8 million by Olympus’s account) ?  There are other great cameras that have developed ‘cult’ status some deserved some are over […]

Olympus Stylus Epic

Stylus Epic Posts: December 2014 , January 2014, May 2013 1, May 2013 2 , March 2013, September 2012, June 2012 , March 2011 I think you get the idea the Olympus Stylus Epic is a great little camera worth returning to time and again.

Olympus Stylus Epic

One thing about one camera: Did you know that the Stylus Epic will  provide fill from the flash even in bright conditions if it detects odd wavelengths such as those from fluorescent lights?  Okay two things: Did you know that the Stylus Epic uses spot metering when you select spot focus? Three but that’s it: […]

Olympus Stylus Epic

If I haven’t said it before I will say it now, the Olympus Stylus Epic is the best small 35mm camera that is readily available.  They can be found in all kinds of different places because Olympus sold them by the millions.  It’s the perfect carry anywhere camera because of its size and that you can […]

More Olympus Stylus Epic 2013

Once I returned from my Calgary trip I still had some Ektar frames left on the Olympus Stylus Epic so here are some of them.

Olympus Epic May 2013 Ektar Roll 2

Yet more images from Calgary with the fantastic little Olympus Stylus Epic.

Olympus Stylus Epic May 2013

The Olympus Stylus Epic (mju ii) is my go to pocketable film camera and there isn’t much more to say that hasn’t been said other than to re-iterate what a great camera this is. I used Kodak Ektar 100 film which I also think is a perfect pairing for this camera. Other posts from and […]

Olympus Stylus Epic

I believe I’ve said enough about the Olympus (1) Stylus(2) Epic(3) in the past so here come the pictures. It’s Ektar 100 if your wondering about the film.

Olympus Stylus Epic snap shots

I took the Stylus Epic with me this summer on a family vacation and while I wasn’t taking a lot of pictures I did take a few snap shots with it.

Olympus Stylus Epic ( Mµ-II )

Heavy on the style and epicness.  This was a camera that sold very well for Olympus, in the millions, so there are many out there to be enjoyed and they really should be.  At it’s core it is a 35mm 4 element f2.8 lens that is very sharp without a lot of distortion, but with a bit of vignetting.  It is […]

Olympus Epic

When it rains, it’s time to grab a water resistant camera.  What’s fits in a pocket is water resistant  has a “full frame” sensor and can be found second hand for peanuts?  It’s the Olympus Stylus Epic.  I’m not sure that 35mm cameras ever came any smaller,  It really is a marvel. On the technical side […]

Olympus Stylus 150

Released in 2003 six years after the much better and more desirable Olympus Stylus Epic the Stylus 150 marked the end of new film cameras from almost all camera makers as they focused their efforts exclusively on digital cameras ( I believe the Stylus Epic Zoom 170 was released before the 150) .  And that’s […]