Epic Light Leak

I discovered that an Olympus Stylus Epic that I used had a light leak. That’s bad but the other problem was I have two nearly identical Epics and I don’t know which one it was.
The leak appears at the bottom of each frame. The detail shown in the image above being the most obvious example. Because the image on the film is created upside down it means that the leak itself is coming from the top. I looked at both cameras carefully but couldn’t see any obvious source. However there is a rubber seal on Epics that could have been slightly askew. So then I ran a roll of 8 exposure film I happened to have through the one that was the least likely culprit.

I put it under lights I exposed it to lots of daylight after taking darker images so if there was a leak it would be obvious. So far so good with this one and I have another roll yet to develop just to be sure because this is one of those cameras that everyone that shoots film should have.

The Leaker

The Light Tight?

UPDATE  They both leak light!  With ISO 400 film and bright conditions they seem to both have leaks. Well that’s frustrating. It may be coming through around the lens.  I have a third Epic that is a champagne DLX that I am going to give a try.  I would really like to take an Epic on an upcoming trip.


And finally third times a charm:  The Champagne coloured Epic DLX doesn’t leak light!


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