Olympus Stylus ‘still’ Epic

I’ve taken many pictures with this camera model and written many times about it so what is it about it that draws me to it and allowed Olympus to sell so many of them (3.8 million by Olympus’s account) ?  There are other great cameras that have developed ‘cult’ status some deserved some are over rated but the Stylus Epic (Mju II) is just a tremendous camera with no pretensions to anything more.  If you’ve been looking at other film cameras and then pick up one of these you can’t help but marvel at how small they are.  There isn’t a millimeter of space that is wasted.  It seems almost impossible that any other 35mm camera could be made smaller and yet it has all the power winding and autofocus that you would expect.

The lens is a superb 4 element 35m f2.8 which again is amazingly small when you compare it against a typical rangefinder lens of f2.8 and similar focal length.

One thing about one camera:  To set the  Stylus Epic to spot metering and spot focus you need to press both the self timer and flash button at the same time. 

The problem I have now is that this one has a light leak and I can’t tell it apart from another one I already had.  I guess it’s time to load another roll.

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