Olympus Stylus Epic ( Mµ-II )

Heavy on the style and epicness.  This was a camera that sold very well for Olympus, in the millions, so there are many out there to be enjoyed and they really should be.  At it’s core it is a 35mm 4 element f2.8 lens that is very sharp without a lot of distortion, but with a bit of vignetting.  It is a point and shoot and therefore doesn’t offer many overrides, primarily control of the flash but it focuses well and the exposure is almost always spot on.  It is a very small camera which easily slips into a pocket.  The fact that it turns on by simply opening the clam shell makes it easy to prepair for use without needing to look at the camera to locate the on button as is the case with many other cameras.  The Stylus Epic out performs it’s current cost ten times over and deserves it’s cult status. 

More samples shots from the Olympus Stylus Epic

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