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Pentax UC1 75th anniversary

This camera looks like its had a tough 75 years but it’s only been 21.  Pentax celebrated its 75 anniversary in 1994 and produced a few limited edition cameras as well as ones like this. This Espio MiNi otherwise know as the UC-1 was available both in black and silver but  it’s only the sticker that distinguishes this […]

Pentax UC1 (Espio Mini)

When you flit between cameras like a butterfly in a field its easy to forget the great cameras that you’ve already passed.  The Espio Mini is one of those cameras it is fantastic and tiny and never disappoints.  It has the same things going for it as the Olympus Stylus epic such as size and […]

Leica Mini 3

Thanks to a kind donation to my camera collection I now have two Leica cameras but not that kind of Leicas. I’m always a little cautious about running an expensive roll of film through a new to me camera so I tend to initially use a roll of expired film with almost predictably awful results. […]

Pentax 100 year anniversary

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce that, on November 27, 2019, it will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co., the original manufacturer of PENTAX-brand products Seeing as Pentax is celebrating its 100th year I thought I would take a look back at one of its 75th […]

Canon WP-1

It has been awhile since I pulled out the Canon WP-1.  It’s not the first camera I think of when it comes to fitting in but that’s not true if your going to the beach there it is right at home.  It’s toy like appearance hides the fact that it has a fantastic 32mm f3.5 lens.  32mm […]

Do U C 1 too?

The last time I used my Pentax UC-1 it didn’t rewind the film and I had to do it by hand in a dark bag (back pack) I lost a few frames to the light in the process. Well I found another UC-1 and it worked great, Yah for me, I’ve like these cameras ever since […]

Pentax Espio Mini (UC-1)

Oh no, my Pentax Espio Mini has developed a problem.  The rewind motor is no longer rewinding the film all the way back after all the frames are exposed.   The result is that I opened the back after the rewind only to find that the film was still there.  I closed it quickly to limit […]

Living Room

Living Room Zoom Here is another attempt at dealing with images that require a scale greater than what a web browser generally affords.  By clicking on the thumbnail you can navagate into the image and pan and zoom.