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Portra 160 in the MZ6

While I haven’t bought Portra 160 for a while I do have some rolls in my fridge so between shooting expired films and the ones I really like I pull out a roll of Portra 160 and feed a camera. In this case it was my Pentax MZ6 an all around good camera that I […]

Pentax MZ6 Portra 400

Not so much a post about the camera and the film as just some images to share.  I choose the Pentax MZ6 often because its light weight and shares many lenses with my digital camera and I choose Portra 400 because its a lovely reliable film with fine grain and isn’t the normal random out […]

Kodak Portra 160 in the Pentax MZ6

While I enjoy using rangefinder and point and shoot cameras there is no doubt for versatility its the SLR that wins.  That’s why when I have the space and can spare the weight I like to bring along an SLR on trips.  In this case the camera was the Pentax MZ6 one of the last […]

Pentax MZ6 Kodak 400 and Fujicolor 200 mixed.

The MZ6 is a great little SLR that I have written about many times so I wont repeat myself here but I will post 30 random pictures taken using it with two rolls of either Kodak 400 or Fujicolor 200

Pentax MZ6 misc shots

Some people might say I have a lot of cameras.  But what is a lot anyway?  If there are 200 fish in a lake no one would say that’s a lot of fish.  So like 200 fish in a barrel my cameras just happen to be close together.  Having so much choice does pose some problems […]

Agfa CRD Duplicating film

I’m often looking at ways to take photography to the extremes of what it can do. In that spirit I exposed a roll of Agfa CRD duplicating film at 12 ISO and used neutral density filters in some cases to achieve long exposures in daylight. The first one in the gallery was 4 minutes for […]

Agfa Precisa 100 Home Developed

This roll of Agfa Precisa sat for almost two years after being shot waiting for me to gather up enough rolls of E6 slide film to warrant mixing up my chemistry. Agfa claims that the emulsion has good storage capabilities but there is no mention if that is before or after exposure. (4) Advanced Emulsion […]

Kodak Ektachrome E100

Ever since the end of Kodachrome I’ve been using colour negative film almost exclusively. Because of this I’ve become accustomed to looking at developed film that has an orange mask, in addition to being a negative.  That’s why looking at this roll of Kodak E100 slide film was such a joy.  It created a similar […]

Cinestill 800 T

Just some random pictures from a roll of Cinestill 800 T I ran through my Pentax MZ6.  Some other posts with Cinestill 800 can be seen here Seattle,  Canon A1 , 2015, Nocturnes, Niagara, Industrial, Gatineau  

HD Pentax DA 1:4 15mm ED AL Limited

While Ive owned the DA12-24 f4 lens for some time and have often used it when travelling it tends to feel too large at times, so when the opportunity came up to purchase an excellent used copy of the HD Pentax DA 1:4 15mm ED AL Limited locally from another Pentax photographer, I jumped at […]

Cinestill 800T and Seattle at night

I loaded my trusty Pentax MZ6 with some Cinestill 800t film which I really like the look of particularly for the way it creates halos around bright lights against dark backgrounds.  You can see my discussion around why that occurs here “Niagara at night”  Coupling the fast film with some equally fast lenses such as […]

Really really really expired Kodak 100

While I often shoot with expired film I rarely will use a roll of film found inside an old camera. Who knows how many times its been exposed or the camera opened up just to look at the film. For some reason though I just thought why not with this roll that came inside my […]

Agfa Vista plus 200 in the Pentax MZ-6

As much as I like using rangefinders and small cameras there is a reason that the single lens reflex cameras dominated photography from the 1970’s on.  The versatility of being able to see the actual image to be captured in the viewfinder allows for more focal lengths and options.  And once autofocus was achieved through […]

Pentax MZ-6 Ektar 100

I discovered that the roll of Ektar 100 I had in my Contax RTS had not been exposed but had sat ineffectually waiting for the camera to show it the light. Rather than reloading it in the Contax I put it into my Pentax MZ-6 which has not let me down.  The result is these […]

Pentax Full Frame and APS-c Lenses

With Pentax announcing that they will be releasing their DSLR with the same size sensor as 35mm film (know now as ‘Full Frame’) I wanted to try a test with some lenses designed for a APS-c digital image circle. Pentax refers to these as ‘DA’ lenses.  There are some lenses that are designed for use with […]