Pentax MZ-6 Ektar 100


I discovered that the roll of Ektar 100 I had in my Contax RTS had not been exposed but had sat ineffectually waiting for the camera to show it the light. Rather than reloading it in the Contax I put it into my Pentax MZ-6 which has not let me down.  The result is these random snap shots that I took in the same area.  As I’ve probably said many times here on my blog if the images I intend to capture are important to me I turn to Ektar.  Ektar scans the best and captures the most detail with the widest exposure latitude.  The image on the right is the same as on the left but with -3EV exposure in Lightroom to show how much information is still lurking in the highlights and not actually blown out as might be with a digital camera.
Ektars only short fall is that it is 100 ISO which doesn’t suit every situation, that being said on an upcoming post I will test it pushed to 400 ISO.

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